In 1856, a local brick manufacturer, Nicholas Oakes, completed the building of his house at 1142 East Court Street in Iowa City. Since then, each owner of 1142 has both nurtured and been nurtured by this significant and beautiful home. Noted regional artist, Grant Wood, internationally celebrated for his American Gothic, lived, worked, and entertained an extensive array of fellow artists and writers while living at 1142. Pioneering physician, Pauline Moore, raised her family in 1142, establishing herself as a leading family physician. Current owner, distinguished attorney, James P. Hayes, has meticulously and graciously restored the home, enriching the interiors with original art and noteworthy antiques.

This documentary chronicles the owners of 1142. The rich history of 1142 is brought to life through stories and anecdotes about the people who both owned and visited the home.

The documentary was made with support for the University of Iowa Foundation.

Watch the documentary below.