The Grant Wood Fellowship has been a wonderful experience. Teaching motivated students at the stunning Art Building West designed by Steven Holl, researching at the library, being part of the distinguished School of Art & Art History at the University of Iowa, and experiencing the distinctive character of Iowa City while having the space to work and reflect on my practice has been generative in ways that will stay with me for years to come.
-Mariangeles Soto-Diaz, Fellow 2011-12


The Grant Wood Fellowship program currently provides three one-year fellowships in painting, printmaking, and interdisciplinary performance. Fellows are selected through a national competition and provided with furnished living quarters at the Grant Wood Art Colony. The application process is open in January of each year, with selections made in April.

During the academic year, each fellow will teach a total of two courses at the University of Iowa, leaving the rest of the time for the artist’s own work and research. A teaching salary, benefits, and studio are provided.

Fellows culminate their Fellowship with an end-of-year exhibition. Previous years' catalogs can be found below:

Hartmut Austen-Jeremy Lundquist, 2012-13
Sabotage: New Work in Visual and Performance Art, 2013-14
Return|Beyond, 2014-15


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Interdisciplinary Performance

The performing arts fellowship rotates between the three departments in the Division of Performing Arts: the Department of Dance, the Department of Theatre Arts, and the School of Music. The Grant Wood Art Colony is currently seeking a candidate appointed through the department of Theatre Arts with a specialty in interdisciplinary digital media in live performance. We seek applications from emerging to mid-career artists who are engaged in creating theatrical experiences/performances through the use of incorporating video, projections, and new/emerging technologies in bold and exciting ways to engage audiences for the twenty first century. The fellow will promote diversity and interdisciplinarity in teaching, research, and creative work.