Christopher Jette is a curator of lovely sounds, creating work as a composer and new media artist. He trained as composer at the New England Conservatory (MM) and UC Santa Barbara (PhD). His creative work explores the artistic possibilities at the intersection of human performers/creators and technological tools. Jette’s research details his technical and aesthetic investigations and explores technology as a physical manifestation of formalized human constructs. A highly collaborative artist, he has created works that involve dance, theater, websites, electronics, food, toys, typewriters, cell phones, instrument design, and traditional instruments. In addition to creating concert music, Jette explores Creative Placemaking through site-specific and interactive work as a core-four member of the Anchorage-based Light Brigade. He is currently the Technical Director of the Max Lab and Lecturer at CCRMA, Stanford University.

During his Fellowship, Jette is developing an opera entitled cmetq. The opera will be performed at Riverside Theater in Iowa City on February 29. More information and a full schedule of performances can be found at

Read more about Jette's fellowship by viewing his interview below.

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Former Fellow
2015 to 2016