September 12, 2016

2015-16 Grant Wood Fellow in Music, Christopher Jette, will present cmetq at the International Computer Music Conference in Utrecht, the Netherlands, on Friday, September 16. Jette completed and premiered this work during his fellowship at the University of Iowa. cmetq is an concert length work for baritone voice with live processing and fixed electronics and video projection. The text was created to highlight notions of etiquette associated with the emergence of the telephone in the nineteenth century and social media/mobile telephony in the twentieth century. The text was collaboratively realized and began as a series of tweets between the authors that were collected and edited. This paper will illustrate the motivation for this work and how that influences the formal design, the unique workflow for composing this work and how we collectively developed and brought this concert length work to the stage.

He will also present his Luminescent Trajectories. Luminescent Trajectories is a series of variations on a theme. The theme is exposed most explicitly as a serious short transient sounds in the closing twenty seconds. The aesthetic impulse for the work is the view from the studio in which it was created. Studio E at CCRMA on the Stanford campus is on the top floor and affords a view south by southwest.