January 5, 2016

Careena Melia (2014-15 Fellow in Interdisciplinary Performance) will direct a staged reading of the Women's Titus Project on January 17 at The Cell Theatre in New York City.

Melia first explored an all-woman cast for Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus at a reading/workshop in Los Angeles in 2013 and furthered the concept in the spring of 2014 in New York City. During her Fellowship, she led a group of fourteen women in another workshop at the University of Iowa. The ensemble was comprised of students and faculty from the Division of Performing Arts and School of Art & Art History as well as local professional performers. During the workshop, they read the play, explored the language, and transformed pieces of the text into movement. Out of this experimentation came original, movement-based, collaborative pieces. Melia is now taking the next step by directing professional actors in a staged reading of the play with her production company, Walden Shakespeare.

More information can be found at https://vimeo.com/148674782.