May 23, 2024

Cedar Rapids — In eastern Iowa, a project is underway to help attract more Songbirds to the area.

Members of the Songbird project invited local students to the Indian Creek Nature Center on Thursday to help out with some of the artwork.

Those artworks are a part of several other installations that are in the works across eastern Iowa. They are also part of a project to help protect some of the native Songbirds. Right now, they are facing an increased risk of extinction.

Iowa's News Now spoke with Shea Hembrey, Artist of the Songbird project, Thursday to talk about the project.

"There was a study that was released last year that two thirds of our native Songbirds are endangered," said Hembrey. "Mainly, due to habitat loss and so, I wanted to call to that we can do something before it's too late. It's very similar to Ducks Unlimited. The ducks numbers were diving and then hunters got involved and started re-establishing wetlands."

That project spans a 40 mile corridor -- from privately owned family farms and urban backyards to city parks -- that includes the University of Iowa campus and Indian Creek Nature Center. You can read more about their programming here.

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