June 28, 2023

The School of Art and Art History announces its newest member of the faculty—Suzanne Wright—who will begin as an Assistant Professor of Painting & Drawing this fall. Wright first came to the University of Iowa as a Grant Wood Fellow in Painting & Drawing during the 2019-2020 academic year. During which time, she offered several community workshops, public presentations, and her depth of experience in the classroom.

Wright will be the fifth former fellow to join the University of Iowa faculty in a tenure track position. The Grant Wood Fellowship program continues to bring a diverse group of working artists to campus to teach students, collaborate with peers, and engage communities. The School of Art and Art History previously hired Terry Conrad (Printamking 2015-16) and T.J. Dedeaux-Norris (Painting & Drawing 2016-17) while Christopher-Rasheem McMillan (Interdisciplinary Performance—Dance 2016-17) and Tony Orrico (Interdisciplinary Performance—Dance 2019-20) have cross-listed appointments.

Learn more about Wright’s career and view an interview with the artist by visiting the Grant Wood Art Colony website.